Who wonders all the parents who do everything they can to give their newborn baby the best care? We don’t. Because we did the same with our “baby” which we named “Loving Care”, the most attentive project for NIVEA BABY. No “good parenthood training” has yet been made (bless those who will manage) , but every beginning parent needs professional support concerning baby care, or midwife’s help. And midwife also needs some helping hand. So we came up with idea – to create the first, pioneer expert program for midwives. During long term actions, we managed to involve 4000 midwives. As a result, we reached million parents, giving them support and knowledge of proper care of baby skin.
What’s more, for NIVEA BABY brand we periodically create advertorials for parenting press, thanks to which parents can understand and satisfy delicate baby skin needs.

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