A leap into deep water! How did we send the Lisner brand into the deep waters of the Internet? With a great idea! At first, we launched a series of online lifehack videos called Akurat dla Ciebie (Just for You), in which we showed that Lisner products are ideal for impressive yet simple dishes. Next, […]


How to stand out from among 40 banks and other financial institutions on the extremely competitive cash loan market? Offer a product that 98% of consumers understand, and that nearly 75% see as more attractive than those in other banks. In order to present the bank as a money-lending center, we created the “advance” – […]


We believe that everything depends on a positive attitude. Those who believe in themselves have the ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunity. With this in mind, we created a brand hero who you’ve never seen, but have definitely heard about – Leszek Hopper. For 5 seasons, we didn’t show him in 7 spots. […]

Lidl’s Kitchen

How to make a TV format successful on the Internet? With a good recipe! You can find the ingredients in over 1,100 videos on Lidl’s Kitchen’s YouTube channel, featuring professional chefs and YouTubers who discover the secrets of good cooking using Lidl products. It’s not hard to see that Internet users liked what we had […]


Lubella and its pasta recipes – quick, easy and delicious. This approach inspired us to communicate with Lubella’s customers in a non-standard way and launch the longest marketing campaign the company has ever seen. We developed an inspiring series of 15-second recipes presented in characteristic format and with unique visual language, proving that pasta can […]

Wild Animals

Kids love to have fun! But it’s good if they can learn while they’re at it. So how to combine entertainment and education? The answer is our “Wild Animals” initiative. Together with Lidl Polska, we introduced a collection of fantastic wild animal figurines. Each animal was meticulously designed and manufactured by us. Kids could collect […]

Sophie, Pierre et Lidl TV

Where do the French love to film their adverts? In Poland – Swadzim to be exact! Over our several years of cooperation with Lidl France, we developed the concept for a new campaign and executed it in full. A key element of the campaign was a series of sitcom-style television spots. Our international crew, which […]

Cien Food For Skin

Modern, ethical, organic and vegan cosmetics. This is exactly what conscious consumers who know what their skin needs and identify with the idea of sustainable consumption are looking for. Lidl, in response to the needs of modern women, has developed a new line of products: Cien Food For Skin. And we brought it to market! […]

LIDL e-shop

When one of Poland’s favorite retail chains opens an e-shop, it needs to be announced loud and proud! In an effort to cater to small-town customers who are far away from the closest retail point, as well as city-dwellers who prefer not to wait in long lines, Lidl has decided to make its assortment available […]


Think videos about window frames must be boring? Wrong! We created an engaging YouTube series for Oknoplast called “Oknoplast LAB.” This involved preparing a strategy, a creative concept and scripts, overseeing production and post-production for YouTube, and executing the campaign in Italy, Germany and France. The effect? A series about window frames that really stood […]