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Modern, ethical, organic and vegan cosmetics. This is exactly what conscious consumers who know what their skin needs and identify with the idea of sustainable consumption are looking for. Lidl, in response to the needs of modern women, has developed a new line of products: Cien Food For Skin. And we brought it to market!

Our idea was simple: to introduce Cien Food For Skin products as the best new solution for women seeking natural and responsible skin care. Because Cien Food For Skin products are distinct in their naturalness (up to 98% natural ingredients), and are also vegan and not tested on animals, we chose as a brand ambassador someone that takes especially good care of their body and skin, and who identifies with the idea of respect for nature and care for animals, both in what she says and does. Karolina Pisarek, a Top Model finalist and one of the world’s 100 most beautiful faces, embodies these characteristics.

She was featured in TV spots, print media, and on “citylight” and traditional billboards produced by our agency. What’s more, journalists, influencers and bloggers had the opportunity to meet her during beauty workshops that we hosted to launch the campaign.

All creative projects executed for Cien Food For Skin by GPD Agency aim to highlight the naturalness and “foodness” of the brand, as well as the energy, freshness and vitality its products deliver to the skin.

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