Dr. Oetker, Guseppe

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How did we make a sensation out of frozen pizza? We created a world with something for every fan of this Italian dish!

Together with Dr. Oetkera and Guseppe, we created content that is both engaging and entertaining for young people! We started with TV spots and a Facebook profile; there we build a fun little world that started to draw people in. Then we decided to follow up by refreshing Guseppe’s website; we crafted a cosmic universe in which each type of pizza is represented by a different character with an endlessly entertaining story! The number of fans kept growing, so we decided to hone in on visual promotion and launched a Guseppe profile on Instagram. We were blown away by how successful it was! In just 3 months, we acquired 8000 followers! We put on two competitions which were entered into by thousands of contestants, and gave away over 550 prizes! And our live YouTube show featuring one of the content creators we collaborated with got over 700 thousand views.

We are never short on ideas for creative and effective promotion, so if you want to get the most out of your brand, we won’t let you down!

And the effect? On Instagram alone, over 22 thousand people have reacted to our posts! The number of comments on each post is constantly growing, and our followers are always hungry for more!

And we are not about to slow down. Finally, Guseppe is a pizza that endlessly engages its customers!


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