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How to stand out from among 40 banks and other financial institutions on the extremely competitive cash loan market? Offer a product that 98% of consumers understand, and that nearly 75% see as more attractive than those in other banks.

In order to present the bank as a money-lending center, we created the “advance” – a transparent loan with all costs listed upfront. The industry had never seen anything like it.

And the effect? Real gains when the market was down and a marketing format that remained with Eurobank for years to come.
And the secondary effect? A Golden Effie Award 2016 in the category of banking, as well as the justification of the jury: “In a sea of promises of ‘everything for free’ or ‘the cheapest on the market,’ this campaign stood out as both simple and elegant. An example of good interplay between the product – which is totally transparent – and its presentation. (…) Excellent job.”

more clients when the market was down

of people understand the banking product

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