Lidl and NCEŻ – children’s nutrition

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When should you start watching what you eat? As soon as possible! That’s why the second edition of the healthy nutrition campaign we did for Lidl Polska in cooperation with the National Centre for Nutrition Education was devoted to young children. However, we left the important lessons in good eating habits to the League of Professor J., the Vitamin Team, and the superheroes from Blueberry Street – the protagonists of 3 comics we created.

The comics were part of our book containing recipes, tips, and comprehensive information on proper nutrition for kids. Lidl customers could get the book through a special sales promotion. The promotion and other deals at Lidl Market were announced in 2 TV spots, and supported by films and articles on Lidl’s YouTube channel (Lidl’s Kitchen), outdoor ads, radio ads, bumper ads, web banners, and even short animations based on the comics!

As many as 2,400,000 copies of the book reached the households of Polish families. The fight of Lidl and the National Centre for Nutrition Education for longer and healthier lives for Poles is on!

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