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How to become the largest culinary publisher in Europe?
We’ve got a great recipe for that – with our help, Lidl has just published 19 million copies of 19 cookbooks in 9 countries!

The campaign started from an innocent promotion for Lidl Poland, whereby customers received a cookbook for their purchases. The promotion was a hit and the cookbook was a bestseller. So, Lidl decided to branch out to other countries. To help them, we published 19 cookbooks in 9 countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Greece. Each book contained recipes for a different type of dish – sweet, savory, traditional, modern, fish, vegetarian, etc.

The result? Lidl became the biggest culinary publisher in Europe, people started cooking more at home (and shopping more at Lidl) and we won 2 awards (the Golden Arrow in Poland and a Bronze Effie Award).

culinary publisher in Europe

million copies of 19 cookbooks in 9 countries

awards: Golden Arrow and Bronze Effie

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