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When one of Poland’s favorite retail chains opens an e-shop, it needs to be announced loud and proud!

In an effort to cater to small-town customers who are far away from the closest retail point, as well as city-dwellers who prefer not to wait in long lines, Lidl has decided to make its assortment available online. As of 5 April 2019, Lidl’s e-shop is in full operation, offering a wide range of non-food products.

We launched a campaign promoting the new e-shop in two flights. In the first, we focused on spreading the good word; in the second, we emphasized how online access to our products can make life easier for millions of Poles.

The campaign was communicated across a variety of channels, including on TV and the radio, as well as on outdoor “citylight” billboards, traditional billboards and advertising spaces on city bikes all around town, sending the clear message that “Lidl is everywhere!”

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