On the trail of the Lidlosaurs

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How do you organise an effective sales promotion that both entertains and educates at the same time?

All you have to do is introduce a group of friendly dinosaurs into Lidl stores and develop an accompanying sales promotion called “On the trail of the Lidlosaurs”. We designed 10 colourful Lidlosaur figurines, which were in stores for a month, and a whole range of products featuring these cute characters – including t-shirts, bedding and backpacks, as well as a special book and educational game.

The campaign ran on various media using a variety of communication tools – two TV spots (image-building and product spots) were created, there was a special episode of Lidl Cuisine on YouTube, and town and city centres were filled with colourful outdoor advertising elements. Details about the campaign could also be found in Lidl’s newspapers, booklet and catalogue and on a specially created website.

One thing is certain, our little prehistoric friends will be living in many Polish homes from now on!

TV Spots over 300,000 views

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