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A leap into deep water!
How did we send the Lisner brand into the deep waters of the Internet? With a great idea!
At first, we launched a series of online lifehack videos called Akurat dla Ciebie (Just for You), in which we showed that Lisner products are ideal for impressive yet simple dishes.

Next, we introduced several thematic subseries, including Akurat na kanapkę (Just for Sandwiches), in which we showed how Lisner products can be used to make the tastiest sandwiches around, and Akurat mam pomysł (Just a Good Idea), in which we showed how to cleverly streamline everyday kitchen activities.

This put the brand in line with the latest social media trends on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We showed how the Lisner brand has much more to offer than just its famous herring. It offers a wide range of fit and to-go products, and a ton of inspiration for anyone looking for smart and tasty food.

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