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Kids love to have fun! But it’s good if they can learn while they’re at it. So how to combine entertainment and education? The answer is our “Wild Animals” initiative.

Together with Lidl Polska, we introduced a collection of fantastic wild animal figurines. Each animal was meticulously designed and manufactured by us. Kids could collect up to 10 figurines and create their own wild safari! All their parents had to do was spend a certain amount on groceries from Lidl.

In addition to the figurines, we issued a beautiful and informative book on animals, an educational game and an awesome album of stickers! And just so the kids wouldn’t have to part with images of wild animals, we printed t-shirts, bags and bedsheets. It was a complete package of wild products.

We communicated the campaign with a TV spot, posters and billboards around the city, and branding in Lidl shops. It reached colossal proportions and everything sold within 2 weeks! Our successful promotional campaign not only raised sales, but solidified Lidl’s image as a family supermarket.

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